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Frequently Asked Questions

Hospice Details...

Our trained staff communicates with you to determine your needs...Are Home Care Workers trained?
Yes, Serve Link provides an initial 8 hours of classroom training to our aides. If the new employee is not a Certified Nurses Aide licensed in the state of Missouri, they would receive an additional 12 hours of training within their first 30 days of employment. Workers providing Advanced Personal Care (APC) services receive another 8 hours of training specific to APC. Serve Link aides receive additional in-service training for 12 hours each year.

Do they maintain a regular schedule?
Yes. When services are set up through Serve Link, a regular schedule is established (usually from one time per week to 5-7 days per week). Home care aides are expected to follow that schedule, but may change times if requested by the client. Serve Link’s scheduler helps coordinate all service requests.

What if I need help with my medication?
If you are Medicaid eligible or private pay, Serve Link’s Authorized R.N. Visit program can assist with medication set-ups. This can be an important way to monitor multiple prescriptions safely. Home care aides should never be involved with medication set-up or administration; these tasks should always be handled by a nurse with a physician’s authorization.

How much will it cost if I pay privately?
Serve Link Home Care offers the following private pay rates
(effective September 1, 2008) for services:

  • Homemaker Chore (HC) $17.00 per hour, One hour minimum
    includes laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc.*
  • Personal Care (PC) $17.00 per hour, One hour minimum
    meal preparation, bathing, grooming, etc.
  • Respite Care (R2) $15.16 per hour, One hour minimum
    relief to the caregiver, minor personal care
  • Advanced Personal Care (APC) $21.00 per hour, One hour minimum
    for persons with assistive devices, advanced needs
  • Advanced Respite Care (R3) $18.16 per hour, One hour minimum
    for persons with assistive devices, advanced needs
  • Case Set Up Fee $35.00 per hour
    applies to cases with RN visit to set up
  • Authorized RN Visits (ARN) $120 per visit
    medication set-up, APC monthly supervisor visit, etc.

*Additional charge of $.50 per mile for trips beyond five total miles.
Download our Pricing Schedule (10KB PDF file)

Lifeline Pricing

  • Carepartner 9500 Model (Lifeline with Reminders) $39.00 per month*
  • Carepartner Communicator 6600 or 6700 $35.00 per month*
  • Set-Up/Installation Charges $50.00 one-time fee due at time of installation (Lifeline coupons accepted)
  • Pick-Up Fee $30 (fee waived if unit is returned to Serve Link office in good condition).
  • Multi-Subscriber (two buttons/one service) $10 additional per month

*Monthly fee for first month is as follows:
1. Installed on Day 1-10, full monthly fee
2. Installed on Day 11-31, fee ($35 or $39) minus $10 discount
3. Deactivated Day 1-10, fee ($35 or $39) minus $10 discount

Rates effective as of September 1, 2008. Rates subject to change without notice.

Linda, RNHow do I qualify for subsidized services?
Most persons seeking home care at subsidized, co-pay or no cost (to the client) rates should contact their county Division of Senior Services office. Medicaid eligible clients may receive home care services at no cost if they are assessed and determined to be in need of home care. Other programs have different requirements; some have co-pays, some request contributions toward services. Under Medicaid personal care, individuals over 18 years of age may qualify, other programs require a 60 or 65 age minimum. Serve Link’s private pay services are available to all ages.

Does insurance cover home care?
Some long term care policies will pay for home care. We’ll work with your insurance company so that you know what is covered and what portion of the charges, if any, you will be responsible for.

What happens if my medical needs increase?
Serve Link Home Care is equipped to care for your home care needs. In some cases you may require increased services, high level professional nursing or therapy care, etc. We will evaluate your needs and provide the appropriate care or refer to agencies which can best meet your health care needs. Our goal is to prevent or delay institutionalization. We will explore all your available home care options in an honest, open way and we will work with you and your family to assure the best quality care.

Can I hire an individual directly to care for my loved one?
Yes, although you need to be prepared to answer "Yes" to the following questions:

  • Are you willing to file for employer identification numbers and assume financial reporting and payment requirements for social security, withholding taxes, unemployment insurance contributions and the liability resks of the worker being injured on the job?
  • Are you willing to advertise in the local paper and interview applicants?
  • Are you able to closely supervise the individual and the care provided?
  • Do you have a backup plan if a worker becomes ill or leaves your employment?

If you are willing to assume these obligations, the hiring of an individual may be the answer to your family needs.

Can someone make a Memorial Gift?
Yes. Given in memory of a loved one, these special gifts extend far beyond an individual's lifetime to aid others and insure hospice availability into the future. Call 660-258-7871 for more information or send contributions to Serve Link Hospice, 219 W. Helm Street, P.O. Box 329, Brookfield, MO  64628.

For more information please call us at 660-359-4218 or toll free at 800-279-2242. You may also email us!

Hospice Details

Serve Link Hospice is Medicare Certified & State Licensed and is a member of:

  • Visiting Nurse Associations of America
  • Missouri Alliance for Home Care
  • Mo. Hospice & Palliative Care Association

Payment Sources:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Many Private Insurance Companies
  • Private Pay

Hospice Offers:

  • Physician services
  • In home nursing visits
  • Medical social worker services
  • Pastoral care
  • Home health aide/Homemaker
  • Therapy services
  • Dietary counseling
  • Prescription and over the counter medicines related to the individual terminal illness
  • Equipment needs for home care
  • Disposable medical supplies
  • Short term respite care
  • Inpatient care for symptom/pain management
  • Bereavement services
  • Volunteer services

Admission Criteria:

  • Admission for Hospice requires a limited lifetime expectancy of six months or less and the desire to remain in the home as long as possible.
  • Patients must be seeking symptom/pain management rather than curative treatment for their illness.
  • A family member or friend must be available 24 hours a day, as needed for the patient.
  • The patient's primary physician must be willing to work with Hospice.
  • The patient must live in the Hospice service area including all of Linn, Chariton or Macon County & portions of Adair, Carroll, Grundy, Livingston, Randolph and Sullivan.

In accordance with the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Sect. 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, it is the policy of Serve Link Hospice to admit patients and render services without regard to race, color, national origin, disability or age.


Volunteers are important to Hospice. Whether working directly with patients and family or assisting with community education or program support; you can make a difference. Memorial gifts and bequests insure hospice availability in the future and are another way to provide support. Call 660-258-7871 and join our team of committed hospice staff and volunteers.

For additional Hospice information, please call us at 660-258-7871 or toll free at 800-643-0742.

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Office Hours: 8-12 and 12:30-4:30 Monday - Friday

Branch Office: 219 W. Helm St, P.O. Box 329, Brookfield, MO 64628
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