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Spring Forward

This Sunday, March 15, 2021, Daylight Savings Time begins. Oh sure, your sleep will be disrupted and you might be late for church if you're not careful. But after a year of Covid-19 difficulties and an intensely cold snap in February, sleep disruption is the least of my concerns.

Things are looking up. Vaccinations are rolling out, Covid infections and illness are trending down and we are looking forward to a new time. Can hugs be far behind! We look forward to a time when we can be less guarded, less weary, less impacted by health concerns. At Serve Link we have been assisting people, reassuring people, providing a connection for people for the past 12 months of Covid; all while promoting safe practices such as mask wearing and hand washing. We were considered essential and we take that designation seriously.

We aren't there yet, but Daylight Savings pushes us one hour closer to a resolution or improvement in our current health situation! Sunlight is powerful and positively impacts our mood and behavior. It improves our Vitamin D and as things green up we venture out more and maybe even break a sweat occasionally! This is all good and welcome. Of course we are in the health care business so---don't forget your sunscreen or your fun hats! Let's spring forward together and keep heart and faith in one another and our communities.


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