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Lifeline Response 

Knowing you’re connected to potentially lifesaving assistance in an emergency helps support your independent lifestyle and provides you and your loved-ones peace of mind. Lifeline, is the #1 medical alert service, trusted by more than 7.5 million U.S. subscribers for over 40 years.


Lifeline is an established medical alert brand that offers medical alert necklaces and bracelets that connect to an at-home base station or mobile system.

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Lifeline Services

Serve Link Home Care delivers Lifeline Medical Alert Services throughout north Missouri. We offer the Connect America/Phillips Lifeline industry standard personal emergency response system.  Our equipment and call center are state of the art and provide help at the touch of a button.  All with local service and support.   

  • Personal Emergency / Response Services​

  • Landline, Wireless and Mobile Options featuring:

    • Landline and Cellular Based HomeSafe Communicators 

    • Enhanced Voice and data range to create a safe home environment

    • On-The-Go mobile units that extend your safety while away from home

    • A Variety of Personal Help Buttons (PHBs)

  • Fall Detection AutoAlert Button Technology

No long-term service contracts!  There are a range of options and services. Our pricing is transparent, and service starts at $55 per month.  Contact us for a quote and to set up your Lifeline today 660-359-4218.  (ask for Kassie)

For our OTG devices, we ship directly to your house (at our cost) and can assist you in activating over the phone if assistance is needed or we can activate it in the office with you present.  
**We will not disconnect your unit until final payment or payment arrangements are made and all equipment is collected. **

Lifeline Pricing



Stationary Home Equipment                             $55.00 per month 

On The Go/Mini                                                $55.00 per month 



Auto Alert Fall Detection Button              $10.00 per month (additional) 

Additional button                                         $8.00 per month (additional)


Purchases and other Expenses -                Cost

Set up Fee (all devices)

Installation  (one-time fee)                         $50.00  (within 50 mile radius) 

                                                                      $25.00 (added if over 50 miles) $75.00 total 

On the Go - Mini Units                               $50.00 within 50 miles

Return Fee                                                 

If we come to the home to uninstall unit  -     $50.00 within 50 miles & $75.00 over 50 miles                         If you return to a local Serve Link office or ship the unit back - free 


Lost Button Fees for replacements - $79 - $149.00

-this will depend on the type of unit you have and the extras that you want to add on

** it will depend on the type of fall detection you and the type of button replacing** call for exact pricing

Lost OTG/OTG Mini - $100.00 plus shipping cost


Note: Prices are subject to change. 

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