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Regaining your mobility or learning how to manage your health or your loved one's health at home can be frustrating and overwhelming.  Serve Link Home Care's team of nurses, therapists, and in-home care providers deliver the professional care you need to help support your independence safely in your home.

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Serve Link Home Care exists solely to care for people by providing services to help them remain in their homes 


Serve Link Home Care is committed to delivering patient-centric, compassionate, professional in-home care with accountability to people we serve and to each other.  

The Full Story

Serve Link Home Care

We understand.  If you’ve experienced or have ever had someone struggling in their home to adjust to a change in medical condition or when faced with in-home rehabilitation from a surgery or injury, you know the frustration and pain that comes with the change in condition, confidence, and independence.  Serve Link Home Care specializes in helping our patients find their stride in living at home through that transition and remaining safely in their home as they progress.


We deliver.  In 2023, Serve Link Home Care celebrated its 50th anniversary in delivering direct patient and client care. While the resources and technology used to assist have changed through the decades, our standards to excellence of care and patient-focus remain the same:  

1.       Ensure patients experience a smooth transition from acute care to managing their health at home.

2.       Help our clients with in-home services so they may live well at home.

3.       Connect our clients and caregivers to resources so they can maintain independence at home.


We care.  Serve Link Home Care was founded on the bedrock of providing excellent quality of care to aid our rural community’s citizens to remain in their home. Our team lives and works in the 11-county rural region of North Central Missouri we serve. Simply put: Our clients are our neighbors. We understand that those we professionally assist remain an important part of the fabric of each community, to be treated with kindness, compassion, dignity, and respect.

It’s in our name. It’s our reason for being.  Serve Link Home Care is your link to living well at home. 




Serve Link Home Care was founded in the 1970’s as Medicare and Medicaid policies were being developed.  Before policies changed, medical nursing care and rehabilitative services in the home were only available to a few and rarely to those in rural areas.  New policies allowed for health services to be brought to the patient in their home.


Our founder’s understood, as do today’s Board of Directors, the human need for independence and to stay safely at home but also the medical benefits of remaining and recovering in a familiar home environment. The organization became an umbrella for a regional partnership of county public health agencies to help address the comprehensive picture of having the community’s citizens age in place. Since its inception, Serve Link Home Care has become the largest, well-established home care provider in North Central Missouri. 


We uniquely understand home care in our rural communities and the strides that quality of care has gained in service to our clients at home and their caregivers.  While our focus has expanded to serve all ages and medical modalities, Serve Link Home Care’s non-profit model created still exists today and allows for a network of professionals working together to bring modern technologies and management capabilities to support our direct patient care.   


Upholding patient-centric, compassionate 

quality of care

with dignity and respect,

employing a team-oriented approach through




and reliability 

Cup and Saucer

Service and Support

Your Link to Living Well At Home.


Smooth Transitions

Home Health is focused on the patient’s transition from a hospital or acute-care stay to recovering and rehabilitating at home. Our Home Health team of nurses, aides and a social worker, listens to our patients and works collaboratively with your primary doctor to deliver quality care. That teamwork helps instill confidence and assurance as you adjust to rehabilitating and managing your health at home. 


Staying Connected

Living independently may also mean staying connected to life-saving resources.  For the past 20+ years, Serve Link Home Care has remained north Missouri’s premiere provider of Lifeline Medical Alert Services.  With home-base and mobile options, this service provides the link between you and medical services with a click of a button which gives you and those you love peace of mind. 


24/7 Support

Serve Link’s In-Home Care Services help our clients maintain a healthy home environment with personal care, advanced care, housekeeping, and caregiver respite – all with quality-of-living and our client’s ability to stay in their home as top-of-mind.  Our team works with you to create that checklist that fits your needs and provides discrete in-home personal care and housekeeping services.


Community Resource

Serve Link Home Care was founded as a collaborative of healthcare professionals dedicated to helping their community live well at home. We strive to be good stewards to our regional community, to be accountable to our patients and each other, and to create a team environment which supports quality of care, new innovation and healthy living at home.

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